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GALA Invite

February 9, 2023

6pm - 9pm

TTF Gun Violence Forum will lead a collaborative engagement effort to bring all minds to the table to begin to educate, provide resources, hear from student leaders and elected officials, law enforcement and medical personnel, school officials, churches, parents and the community to cover all bases for possible resolutions to changing the trajectory of our community.

Running a Marathon

February 11, 2023

Overall Female Winner

Nefertari Rigsby

Overall Male Winner

Michael Boaz

Trail Blazers
Business Graphs

February 13, 2023

6pm - 9pm


The Tiger Trail Festival Business Expo will equip all current and prospective business owners with information and resources needed to start and grow a successful business.

Happy Family
Raising A Family

February 25, 2023

9am - 11am

At Tiger Trail Festival, Inc., we aim to make a lasting family impact in the Pompano Beach community and beyond. But above all, passion is at the heart and soul of everything that we do.

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